HIGH Grade Designer Inspired Spandex- 4 Way Stretch Fabric - 2 Yard Min. Order - Mix and Match-$3.00 off a yard Auto discount at checkout in "NEW ARRIVALS" over 1,900 new selections till 8/26/2021. NON Designer fabrics now available.

Chanel designer inspired fabric [designer spandex and more]

Chanel Designer Inspired Fabric Spandex Lycra

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Chanel Lycra/Spandex Fabric Designer Inspired 2 Yard Min. Order Patterns 4 way stretch

Chanel Designer Inspired 4-way stretch Lycra/Spandex priced at $19.99 per yard, 2 Yard Minimum Purchase, mix and match. Our Fabrics have an excellent feel and weight.
Our fabrics are available in a range of colors and patterns. Plenty of available inventory. Fabrics are designed for clothing, dance wear, sporting attire, and much more.
This fabric is not manufactured by Chanel.