HIGH Grade Designer Inspired Spandex- 4 Way Stretch Fabric - 2 Yard Min. Order - Mix and Match-$3.00 off a yard Auto discount at checkout in "NEW ARRIVALS" over 815 new selections till 6/26/2021. NON Designer fabrics now available.

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BB Tan & Light Orange Designer Inspired Lycra Fabric

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BB Tan and Light orange Lycra Fabric Designer Inspired Patterns

This is a 4-way stretch Lycra priced at $19.99 per yard, 3 Yard Minimum Purchase

Designed with a variety of unique features to provide an effective, comfortable fit. This is designer inspired fabric on patterns that are sourced from trending fashion! This fabric has a great weight, and also soft on the touch made from lycra to ensure maximum comfort.

Our fabrics are available in a range of colors and patterns, offering an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, stylish, and washable features. Designed for clothing, face masks and sporting attire.

USA MADE-IN STOCK ready to ship! Shipping charges factored in at purchase.

Specifications & Features

•Material is a 100% Lycra

•Size: 60 inches x 36 inches per fabric yard.