HIGH Grade Designer Inspired Spandex- 4 Way Stretch Fabric - 2 Yard Min. Order - Mix and Match-$3.00 off a yard Auto discount at checkout in "NEW ARRIVALS" over 1,000 new selections till 6/26/2021. NON Designer fabrics now available.

Designer inspired fabrics [designer spandex and more]

Louis Vuitton and Friends NO stretch Polyester woven designer inspired fabrics

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Louis Vuitton and friends Designer and others Inspired HEAVYWEIGHT NO stretch Woven polyester

Designer Inspired NO Stretch Polyester priced at $19.99 per yard,

2 Yard Minimum Purchase, mix and match. Our Fabrics have an excellent feel and weight, plus are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Plenty of available inventory. Typically, 24-48 hour ship time, sometimes sooner. This new Fabric is designed for Jackets, book bags, pillow cases, car seats, upholstery and more.
Get creative!
This fabric is not manufactured by Louis Vuitton.